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"Ghost and a Guess feels like an escape from the stresses of being a citizen of Earth in current times."
                                                              Sam Lenz,




Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 8.53.52 AM.png

Toby Kane

Brian Masek

Dan Anderson

Brian Detmers
Mike Dresch

Larry Salzman

Grant Masek

Noah Hoehn

Rich Renken

Talyse Hampton

Special thanks to:

Cameron Abbas

Sam Lenz

Shane Gerlach

Monte Amende

Chad VanderLugt



All songs by Toby Kane and Brian Masek


At the end of 2019, with a busted left hand trying to relearn guitar and crooked fingers pushing down on synth keys for therapy, I sent a song over to Brian Masek. I asked if he wanted to help. He eventually said yes and just kept pushing me with new directions in the spirit of my ideas. Ghost and a Guess is the result of two years of collaboration, isolation, celebration and throwing ideas at the wall. Nobody loves a pandemic jam, but I sure enjoyed taking some frustration out on the songs. I hope there’s some joy in here, too. I couldn’t have had a better partner or more talented friend on this strange trip.


Two years ago, Toby Kane asked if I’d be interested in producing a new project for him. I said no. My focus at that point was live performance. Then about a week later the pandemic hit. With live music on hold for the foreseeable future and Toby’s creative songwriting this seemed like it could be good outlet for us. I said yes. I suggested that we go all in, strive to make it the best project we’ve done, explore new ideas and accept nothing that we know is a compromise. Toby kept up his end of that bargain and gave me wide latitude in creating the musical landscape for his story. I’m grateful for that and I really hope you enjoy it.




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